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The traceability system

TF - Traceability & Fashion is a voluntary system managed by Unionfiliere and promoted by Unioncamere and Italy’s Chambers of Commerce. Its objective is to certify and increase the value of the products of the “made in Italy” supply chains.


Its aim is to create a voluntary certification scheme providing transparent information to consumers on:

  • Locations of the main production stages of the production chain
  • The health values supporting the product, how environmentally friendly the product is and the manufacturer’s social responsibility.

Being able to trace a product’s identity back to its origin means that a virtuous circle is created in which both consumers and producers play an important part in a critical and open system in which:

  • The consumer knows his product has travelled “with a regular passport” and has not “travelled illegally”;
  • The producer can build and maintain a competitive advantage in the market based on the quality and ethical values of his products;
  • The certification is awarded by an impartial body -  Chambers of Commerce;

The TF scheme - Traceability & Fashion is voluntary and doesn’t replace existing regulations. The TF information is provided on a dedicated label that tells the product’s history along the entire production chain.

Main aspects of the Traceability scheme:

  • Voluntary: joining the scheme is voluntary
  • Shared: The main national associations representing the manufacturing sectors involved have played a direct role in the development of the traceability scheme.
  • Compatibility with existing regulations: manufacturers who complete all the production processes in Italy (including the design of the product, although this is optional) can label their products “100% made in Italy” or other similar “quality” statements, in full compliance with existing regulations.
  • Compatibility with other certifying schemes: the model is completely compatible with other certifying schemes both National and International.
  • Customizable: A producer wishing to join the traceability scheme can decide whether to certify all or only some of his products.

The verification procedure is carried out impartially, independently and with technical competency by inspecting bodies of the Chambers of commerce network.  The inspections are carried out on site at the manufacturer’s production plants and at those of its third party suppliers. Self-declarations or certifications are not accepted or sufficient.

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